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Todd Faulkner

About Me
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Witty. Erudite. Neurotic.
Comedically, I'm the well-meaning but clueless dad; the tightly-wound middle manager; the guy who takes things personally - and just can't manage to let it go...
Not to mention, an excellent straight man.
Todd Faulkner cop with gravitas the Americans
Dramatically, I'm often cast as the wounded idealist, the quietly incorruptible cop, the reporter who won't stop digging, the gruff, but ultimately kindhearted authority figure.
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Any Time.
I love working in period pieces: I'm quite adept at fitting myself into different eras. I have a particular knack for projects set in the late 1880s, as well as the early 1960s through the 1980s.
Todd Faulkner Leo Szilard Actor
Any Place.
I have a facility for accents, and have recently been cast as an 1880s British shop owner in the upcoming feature film Angelica (starring Jena Malone), and as real life Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard in Breaking the Chain.
Todd Faulkner Hyphenate
I am the co-creator and one of the primary writer/producers of Uncanny County, a podcast featuring supernatural tales of the American Southwest. (Sort of like a modern-day Twilight Zone as it might have been imagined by the Coen Brothers.)
Todd Faulkner epic 70s mustache
I live in Manhattan with my super-talented, wonderful wife, Nicole Greevy, and our amazingly, unbelievably awesome son, Griffin.
My dad was a detective on the local police force in a suburb of Oklahoma City (where I grew up).
Todd Faulkner Lex Luthor Geek
I'm a major film and comic book geek, I play the guitar and my mind is a massive storehouse of useless pop culture trivia. Seriously. I'm the guy you want on your team in Trivial Pursuit.
I'm also a writer and filmmaker. Learn more about my recent projects.
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